The Best Turtle Basking Platform | Prevent Shell Rot

A good turtle basking platform is essential for your turtle’s health and happiness.


Turtles need a basking platform with a light set to around 10 degrees warmer than the water temperature. They need to be able to completely dry out their shell to prevent it from rotting, among other things we’ll get into below.


First, I’ll share some of the best turtle basking platforms – that’s for those of you who already know how important they are!


best turtle basking platform for turtle health


The Best Turtle Topper


Turtle basking platforms are important because your pet needs a spot to dry out, and to rest and relax.


If a turtle is not able to get completely dry and warm up under a heat lamp, its shell will rot and it will have major difficulties shedding its skin.


You also do not want a ramp or platform that may scratch or bruise your turtle’s underbelly. This can lead to ulcerative shell disease – an infection which can get under the shell.


With that in mind, lets take a look at some good turtle basking platforms.


Penn Plax Reptology Turtle Basking Platform

By far, one of the most popular, best looking, and feature rich turtle toppers is this Pen Plax Basking Platform. It sits on top of your tank, rather than down in it, which means you’re able to have a greater volume of water in the tank – great for the turtles!


This topper can be used with tanks up to 55 Gallons, however, you wouldn’t want a tank less than 30 gallons for keeping turtles (at an absolute minimum).


Features of this turtle basking platform include:

  • docking ramp to get up onto platform (6 inches wide at minimum)
  • underwater resting dock
  • clear top with mounting for heat lamps
  • easy open grill allows heat through and access to turtles
  • made from strong easy clean plastic
  • attaches to tank with suction cups
  • quick and easy to install on turtle tank



This basking platform is fantastic when compared to others, and I think you’ll be disappointed if you go with any other! However, check the rest of the list before coming back up to this one.


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The Oasis Turtle Ramp


the oasis turtle basking platform ramp

The Oasis Turtle Basking Ramp & Platform is another higher popular option. This is for those of you wanting a smaller, less in your face basking platform!


This one is simply secured to the side of your tank with suction cups. It does not hang over the top of your tank. This is, as I said, much less intrusive.


Features of the Oasis platform:

  • rubber grip to help to turtle climb
  • made form acrylic
  • very easy to wash
  • can be placed above or below the water level
  • easy to install and remove for cleaning
  • also great for frogs, salamanders, and other water loving creatures


This turtle basking ramp is a similar price to the one above, but doesn’t offer as much functionality (in my opinion). However, for those wanting a smaller platform, it will certainly be ideal.


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Hanging Turtle Ramp Shelf


Hanging Turtle Ramp Shelf basking platform


The Hanging Turtle Ramp Shelf is the another minimalistic option. It hangs from the top of your tank and can be further secured with suction cups to the side of your tank. The height of the platform can be altered to suit your water level and tank.


Features of this turtle tank topper include:

  • different levels for turtle to be nearer or further away from heat light
  • made of acrylic
  • black grip tape to help turtle climb out
  • unobtrusive design
  • easy to clean
  • easy to insert and remove


This platform is very similar to the previous model, but has the hanging feature. If you prefer this style to the tank topper in position one, would you prefer a hanging platform, or one with suction cups?


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The Best Turtle Basking Platform


Which do you think is the best turtle basking platform? Do you prefer the small ramp style, or the full on tank extension of the Penn Plax Turtle Basking Platform? Let us know in the comments below!


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