Can Dogs Have Raw Chicken?

Can dogs have raw chicken?


Dogs love chicken which is why it’s one of the most common ingredients and flavors in dog food formulas. Dogs’ digestive systems are designed to digest raw food freely and a lot of dog owners are adopting the new raw diet trend for their dogs.


In this guide, we’ll tackle everything you need to know about raw chicken and whether you should feed it to your dog or not.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?


dog ate raw chicken


Before dogs were domesticated, wild dogs used to have a fully raw diet. They’ve descended from wolves and they have a very similar digestive system.


Similar to dogs in the wild, your house dog is an omnivore, which means it can eat just about anything from meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruits. For that reason, it’s in dogs genes to eat raw meat, such as chicken, and thousands of years of breeding and adaptation won’t just take these instincts away.


In fact, eating a raw chicken breast isn’t a bad thing either. After all, chicken is an excellent source of animal protein, which is the best type of protein and the easiest to digest by the dog’s stomach.



Some people may not recommend dogs eating raw chicken because it carries a risk of bacterial contamination and suggests cooking the chicken for safety. Some will prefer freshly cooked dog food, such as dog delivery service Pet Plate provides.


However, dogs’ stomachs are much stronger than ours and can tolerate bacteria better than we do. This happened because their stomach is way more acidic in nature, which provides much better protection against bacteria.


Yet, you should keep in mind that dogs used to eat raw meat that they’ve just hunted, so there wasn’t room for a huge bacterial buildup. That’s why if you want to feed your dog raw chicken meat, you should make sure that it’s relatively fresh.


Also, eating raw food doesn’t mean it has to be unclean food. In other words, you should always rinse the chicken breast well before serving it raw to your dog as an extra precaution – this goes for cats eating raw chicken as well.


Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones?


As you know, dogs love bones and a lot of vets will suggest that you feed your dog raw meaty bones.


In addition to their nutritious composition, eating meaty bones helps in keeping the dog’s dental health intact by cleaning the dog’s teeth and gums. Not only that but it will also help in cleansing the digestive tract.


You might be worried because bones are hard. However, the enzymes in a dog’s stomach are able to digest it. One thing you need to know is that you should not cook them before giving it to your dog. It’s also best not to give dogs the chicken leg bone.



Chicken bones are not as tough as beef bones, so they’re much easier to break and splinter when they’re cooked. This can lead to painful cuts or blockages in the dog’s mouth or gums. Even worse, it can puncture its digestive tract or choke them.


That’s why some owners that choose to feed their dogs raw chicken meat will still not feed them raw chicken bones.


What Happens If a Dog Eats Raw Chicken?


Based on what you now know about raw chicken, in the majority of cases, nothing will really happen if your dog eats a raw chicken.


If you’ve recently bought the eaten chicken from the grocery store, don’t panic, as your dog will be fine. However, if the chicken is unwashed, you better take it away from the dog and wash them before they eat it.


Keep in mind that some breeds are actually more allergic to chicken than others, especially the small ones. Large chicken chunks can also block the airway of a small breed dog, so you have to cut it into smaller pieces for smaller breeds.


How Much Raw Chicken Can a Dog Eat?



Ideally, a dog can eat 2% to 3% of its body weight in raw meat. This amount is usually split over two meals a day. This also applies to raw chicken. However, you should remember that raw chicken meat isn’t as “complete meal” as raw beef meat.


For that reason, you shouldn’t rely solely on chicken as the complete nutrition of your dog. Instead, you may want to add them as an alternative every few days or use them as treats.


How to Feed a Dog Raw Chicken


Feeding your dog raw chicken is a simple process because they usually love it. If you don’t feed your dog raw food, it’s better to start with raw beef meat instead, as it’ll be much easier to incorporate raw chicken directly.


To feed your dog raw chicken, remember to make sure that the chicken isn’t outdated or lift outside for a long time. Start by giving the meat a quick rinse before you prepare it.


If you’re unsure about the chicken’s fragile bones, you can take the easy path and remove it altogether.


An optional step here is to remove the fatty skin too if your dog is overweight or an inactive one. Small bones and cartilages are usually okay and your dog can digest them with ease. To help your dog accommodate the changes in diet and avoid diarrhea issues, cut the chicken into smaller pieces.


Dog Ate Raw Chicken


can dogs eat raw chicken bones


Can dogs have raw chicken? Yes!


If you did not want to prepare your own raw food for dogs, then check out these dog food delivery services, many which exclusively create raw dog food meals.


As you can see, raw chicken is usually not a cause for concern and can actually be an inexpensive alternative to raw meat if you feed your dog raw food. Yet, you shouldn’t count on chicken alone for feeding your dog because this counts as an unbalanced diet.


If your dog ingests raw poultry, they’ll most likely be fine, if not actually benefit from the meat. However, some dogs, especially smaller breeds, can be allergic to chicken. In that case, make sure that you consult a vet if your dog shows extended or serious symptoms of hypersensitivity after accidentally eating chicken.


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