Biocube Fish Tank Review – The Best Saltwater Starter Fish Tank

The Biocube Fish Tank really is one of the best starter fish tanks you can buy. It can be used both as a freshwater or saltwater fish tank. While most people purchase it for use as a saltwater aquarium, it makes for a wonderful freshwater tank as well. It comes in two sizes, 16 gallons or 32 gallons.


The Biocube looks amazing once set-up has been completed. With a sleek black cover and frame, rimless front and LED lighting, your coral and livestock will be displayed in all their vibrancy. Trust me, you will spend hours gazing into this fish tank, being delighted by the world contained within.


Let’s find out more about it.


biocube fish tank best saltwater aquarium for beginners



The Coralife Biocube Fish Tank

biocube fish tank aquarium


As mentioned above, the Biocube comes in two sizes – either 16 or 32 gallons. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be putting that much water into the tank. Once you have added sand, coral, rock, other decorations, fish, etc. you won’t be adding the full volume of water. Either of these size options make for an awesome starter tank that can house a variety of fish.


Take a look below at Coralife’s promotional video. This gives a good insight into what’s on offer, and how your tank might look when set-up is complete. There are so many possibilities!



Features of the Coralife Biocube


Here’s what you need to know about this aquarium. You can scroll down below for what is, and is not included in the kit.


  • Dimesions: 20.2 long x 21.9 wide x 21.5 high – also requires space at the back to allow for the hood to lift and stay up
  • Weight: approx. 50 pounds
  • LED lighting (more info below)
  • Hinged fish tank cover – makes reaching and maintaining water temperature much easier
  • Hidden filtration system built into the back of the unit – can be customized


Biocube LED Lighting


The LED lighting included with this starter fish tank is, in my opinion, one of the best selling points. LED lighting is one of the best systems for a saltwater tank, encouraging strong growth of both hard and soft corals, and bringing out the colors of your fish.


The lighting is set to a 24 hour timer and automatically shifts to replicate natural sun and moon cycles. Bright white LEDs light up the tank during the day and change to blue for the night. What’s even better is that there is automatic lighting to replicate the sunrise and sunset, and the moonrise and moonset.


There is also a setting for color enhancing LEDs. These are a combination of red, green, and blue LED lights.


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What’s Included In This Starter Fish Tank?


Here is what you get with the Biocube:

  • The tank and cover
  • Pump
  • Filter and cartridge
  • LED lighting


What’s Not Included?


It does not come with the following:

  • A tank heater
  • Bio balls
  • Coral, rock or decorations
  • Fish
  • Fish food
  • Media for the filter
  • Protein skimmer (if being used as a saltwater tank)


See the full range of Coralife products that are compatible with the Biocube. This includes skimmers, bio balls, filter bags and cartridges, cleaning magnets and much more. Coralife almost supply all that you need for setting this tank up – you just need to sort out the fish!


The Best Starter Fish Tank


I believe that this is one of the best starter fish tanks for saltwater or freshwater fish because it’s just so easy to get going! I know this is a great product that will last a long time, and which comes with good support.


There are a multitude of folk out there who have this tank and are able to answer questions in online forums or in Facebook groups (such as this Saltwater Aquarium group). Coralife can also be contacted by toll-free phone or email through their website.


The positive feedback from this reef tank is very good, but let’s take a look at some further pros and cons.


Biocube Pros & Cons


Biocube Pros


  1. Very easy and quick to set up for beginners and those without much time
  2. Most of the basics to get started are included (though there are additional purchases required)
  3. The 24 hour timer and real light simulation is not only good for your coral and livestock, but looks beautiful in the room
  4. The front sides are rimless for unobstructed views
  5. The filter and pump are hidden from view in behind the back of the tank


Biocube Cons


  1. The maximum size of 32 gallons will be too small for some (though perfect for many)
  2. If you are totally new to saltwater fish tanks there will be a steep learning curve to figure out everything that’s going on
  3. Access to all areas of the Biocube can be difficult for cleaning
  4. Skimmer not included (protein skimmers are needed for saltwater aquariums to keep nitrate levels down for reef health) – however, these are not needed for freshwater fish tanks


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Biocube Fish Tank Reviews


One of the best places you can go for honest reviews (including criticisms and negative experiences) is the Amazon Biocube reviews page. These include detailed reviews with pictures and videos.


Here are some further video reviews of the Biocube Aquarium – be sure to subscribe to the video creators for more great content:


Jordan Santos’s Biocube Review:



Eagles Aquatics with a very passionate Biocube fish tank tour, showing us their great looking coral and fish:



How Much Does The Biocube Cost?


You can check the price of the Biocube here on Amazon. I was surprised by how little extra the larger 32 gallon tank costsdd. It is only slightly more than the smaller 16 gallon tank. I would recommend going with the larger size, because if you are anything like me, the moment you’re all set up with the smaller tank, you’ll be wanting a larger one!


Our Biocube fish tank exploration has come to an end – please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We hope this has helped you to make your decision.


Biocube Information & Resources


Here are some further resources and sources of information as you figure out how to start a saltwater fish tank. Don’t be put off or intimidated by all the new aspects of setting up an aquarium. There is more than enough help out there for you!



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