What Is The Best Dog Basket For Bike Rides? The Top 5 Pet Basket For Bikes

The best part of having a dog is finding great adventures to enjoy together. You can toss the stick around the yard or go for a run. But if you want to step things up, cycling with your furry friend will get them excited.


The only question is, how do you keep them safe?


Dog bike baskets are made for this very reason. Dog baskets are detachable dog carriers that are large enough to carry your dog on your bike. Although most are made of wicker, they are also available in polyester, fabric, and plastic.


The challenge is finding the right one from the overwhelming options. To help you out, here is a detailed review of the five best dog bike baskets.


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What to Look for in a Dog Basket?


best dog bike basket


Before we delve into our top picks, you must first understand what makes a great dog basket.


The wrong choice could harm your dog and endanger you. Here are some of the crucial considerations when shopping for a new dog basket for your bike.




Safety for you and your dog should always be the priority. Cycling can get quite dangerous, especially when the ground is slippery. Add a dog to the mix, and things could get hairy.


Safety in dog baskets is two-fold. First, you should safely and firmly secure the basket to the bike. The basket should be spacious enough to hold the dog safely.




The whole point of taking your dog along with you is to have a great time. For that to happen, the dog must be comfortable inside the basket.


Admittedly, it takes some training to get most dogs to settle in there. Make sure you are getting the right size basket as well. There are baskets for small dogs and large dog bike baskets as well.


Ensure you pad the basket for utmost comfort. However, the padding should be removable when things get wet. And they will.




Dog baskets come in all shapes and sizes. They are also made of a wide range of materials. The traditional basket is made of wicker. However, you can get a dog basket made from plastic, fabric, or a combination.


Wicker baskets are pretty sturdy but come at a cost. However, waterproof options like polyester and plastic are very durable. Either of these options will serve you for a long time.


Ease of Installation


Dog baskets don’t come with the bike. You will have to buy it separately and have it outfitted.


Fortunately, most products are so simple anyone can install them. The brace resting on the main bike tube supports most baskets. The clasps on the straps provide additional support.


A basket with a removable liner will make cleaning much easier. Ensure there is enough clearance and the basket doesn’t touch the brakes.


Weight Limit


Every dog basket comes with the recommended weight limit. Generally, baskets are reserved for small and medium dogs. A hound would be too big to carry in front of the bike. It would also make steering a nightmare.


Ensure that your dog carrier can handle your dog’s weight if your pup is heavier than 15 lbs. Consider getting a dog trailer instead. There are also rear bike baskets for dogs that you could look into.


Our Top 5 Dog Basket Picks


dog basket for bike


There are thousands of dog basket brands in the market.


Covering all of them in this article would take all day. To make your work easier, we have narrowed down the list to those that stand out. Here is a review of our top five picks.


PetSafe Dog Bike Carrier


bike basket for dog


This is the top-performing product in Amazon, and for a good reason.


Petsafe is a reputable brand best known for its high-quality products. The Happy Ride features a classic design with a removable sun shield and a removable fleece liner is on the interior for maximum comfort.


This basket can comfortably carry dogs weighing up to 13 pounds.



  • Made of sturdy wicker for longevity
  • The lining is removable and machine washable
  • The sun shield comes in handy during the hot summer
  • Easy to attach and remove thanks to the bracket system
  • Comes with a safety leash for added safety


  • A bit pricey compared to other options
  • The hardware is cheap and may break if you ride on a rough terrain
  • The safety harness hooks from the bottom, restricting your dog’s freedom and enjoyment


ANZO Folding Pet Bicycle Basket


dog carrier for bike


Weighing just 1.9 pounds, the ANZOME folding basket is one of the lightest options in the market. Yet, it can comfortably support a pet weighing up to 11 pounds.


This is only possible due to the sturdy metal frame and the oxford fabric.


Another bonus of the material is that it is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about leaving it outdoors in the rain. You can get one of these at a fraction of the cost of other products.



  • The quick-release makes it easy to install and remove
  • Its lightweight makes steering and balancing the bike easier
  • It is versatile and can easily be used to carry your groceries or shopping
  • It is foldable, reducing the footprint when not in use
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean


  • Some buyers find the installation instructions confusing
  • Lacks a safety leash for restraining the dog when cycling
  • It can only handle small pets, much lower than the specified weight limit


Barkley Dog Carrier For Bike


pet basket for bikes


This is an all-in-one pet carrier with several uses. In addition to being a bike basket for dogs, it can also serve as a dog backpack, shoulder bag, and car seat carrier.


For convenience, the Barkbay pet carrier has a quick-release buckle.


You can attach and disassemble the basket easily. The interior of the BarkBay pet carrier is padded with sheepskin liner for comfort. Buyers get to choose between grey and blue.



  • It is large enough to carry pets up to 19 lb
  • The basket doubles up as a shopping basket, a backpack, and a shoulder bag
  • The meshing vents of the basket help the dog keep cool during the ride
  • It comes with several pockets for extra storage
  • The floorboard easily slides out for easy cleaning


  • The side slides can easily be dislodged
  • The buckles quickly loosen up with the slightest bump
  • It is too heavy and only fits on larger bikes


COFIT Detachable Dog Bike Basket


bike dog baskets


COFIT is a multi-purpose dog basket that is collapsible. In addition to being a pet basket for bikes, you can use it for grocery shopping, camping, and storage.


The lining is made of entirely waterproof oxford fabric.


The rustproof aluminum supports the frame. For ease of handling, the aluminum handle has sponge pads. In terms of options, buyers have a choice between the primary colors and upgraded models.



  • It is easily detachable for easy installation and cleaning
  • The basket is collapsible, which makes it easy to store
  • It is very sleek and doesn’t look like an ordinary dog basket
  • It is very sturdy and can survive falls without significant damage


  • You find the installation instructions complicated
  • You may need to buy additional screws if the ones provided don’t fit
  • The basket may be difficult to lock-in


Lixada Dog Basket For Bike


bicycle basket for dogs


Very few bike dog baskets can match the capacity of the Lixada Pet basket. This sturdy carriage can comfortably haul heavier dogs.


This is made possible by the aluminum reinforcement of the frame.


The rest of the body is covered in woven canvas which is tear-proof. Unlike other dog baskets, there is no shortage of options. The Lixada Pet Basket for bicycles comes in seven different fun colors and patterns.


Here are some pros and cons we came across.



  • The combination of aluminum frames and oxford fabric makes it very durable
  • The basket can also double as a handbag after dismounting it
  • Its sturdy construction allows it to carry slightly heavy dogs
  • The quick-release system makes mounting and dismounting a delight


  • The weight limit is less than advertised. Stay below 10 pounds for safety
  • The basket is a little small making the ride uncomfortable for the pup
  • The basket could use a metallic or hard structure at the bottom to support the weight


Which Bike Basket For Dogs Is Best?



All the five products reviewed here are great options. Any of them will get the job done provided you get the sizing right, and it’s compatible with your bike.


However, some products stand out in some aspects. For instance, the BarkBay dog basket comes out on top when it comes to value for money. In addition to a dog basket, it also serves as a shopping bag and dog backpack.


Barkbay also leads the pack when considering space. It is much larger, allowing your dog to take in the scene without feeling restrained.


The Petsafe wicker baskets deserved a podium finish for their safety features. It is also the most stylish product on the list. However, it cost slightly more than most of the other baskets.


The COFIT stands out due to its unique design. The fact that it’s collapsible makes it convenient and easy to store.


Overall, the BarkBay comes first, with the Petsafe a close second. It’s too close to call between the rest. Ultimately, it is up to your preference and budget. The most important thing is safety and comfort for the dog.


Safety Tips When A Pet Basket For Bikes


best bike dog carrier


Bicycles are not the most stable mode of transport out there. Adding a dog at the front creates balancing issues. It also makes it harder to steer the bike smoothly.


The following are some helpful safety tips for a safe adventure.

  • Attach the basket correctly to avoid falling off and injuring the dog. You can seek professional help with the installation if you find them confusing.
  • Stay within the recommended weight limits. Carrying a dog weighing more than 15 pounds is dangerous. You will also realize most baskets can’t handle it even if it’s say so on the box. A dog bike trailer is better for large dogs.
  • Train your dog to stay in the basket. A fidgety dog poses a danger to both of you. Start by getting them to like the basket, then ride around the house before taking on the trails and roads.
  • If you have a choice, limit your adventures to smooth terrains. The frame may not handle the bouncing of rough terrain. The basket may sad and tangle the brakes or touch the front wheel.
  • Ensure the dog is always safely secured in the basket. Some dogs may get nervous and try to jump out. Opt for a basket with a restraining leash to prevent such an incident.


Best Bicycle Basket For Dogs


We hope this review guides you to the right dog basket. Although individual needs may vary, safety and comfort are the priority. An alternative to keeping your dog in a basket while biking is to get a good dog bike leash – at least if you have a bigger dog!


Besides, feel free to look at other options that we have not reviewed here.  Always take a minute to read the reviews at the bottom of each product to avoid unpleasant surprises. Otherwise, get a dog basket today and let the fun begin.

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