Free Bee SVG Files & Bee Fonts: Where To Find Them!

Wanting to make some cool bee t-shirts for your friends, family, or yourself!?


Here is a list of the best sites to find free honey bee, queen bee, or bumble bee SVG and font files. I’m always looking for freebies like this, so I’m writing from experience!

Free Bee Font & SVG Files


best free bee SVG bumble bee font

The Cricut Maker is great for making transfers for t-shirts


If you have a cutting machine you can make your own t-shirts using heat transfer vinyl and a heat press. I love making t shirts and have my own machines. Check out these recommendations if you are new to the scene:


Alternatively, the other popular option for making tees is to use free clipart (you’ll find it on the sites listed below as well)! Make super cool sublimation transfers. The best sublimation printer varies depending on what your plans are… but now let’s get into the free bee SVGs!


Design Bundles


bumble bee svg files


Design Bundles is the first site I look at for free bee cut files.


This site has tons of bee SVGs that can be bought at very reasonable prices, but it pays to first check their freebies. I can sometimes find what I’m looking for there.


Just put SVG in your search (eg. ‘bumblebee SVG’) and you should get back the right files for cutting projects.


Font Bundles


free bee font files


Font Bundles is the sister site to Design Bundles. It’s is my go-to site for fonts!


free honey bee font

They have a lot of bee font files, and as with before, make sure you check out the freebies first. You never know what you might find.


For example, this free honey bee font from Font Bundles.


Creative Fabrica



Creative Fabrica is the next spot to check for honey bee SVG files or fun bee fonts.


free bumble bee fontI really like the Beelova bee font!

A with the sites above, make sure you check out what’s there for free – they are always being updated and added to – the perfect bee font might be free today.


The Hungry Jpeg


hungry jpeg free bee svgs


The Hungry Jpeg is the next spot to check out.


They have a range of:

  • bee SVG files
  • bee fonts
  • honey bee clipart


And tons more. Just search bee in your required category and check out the results. The Hungry Jpeg has fewer freebies, but we’ve always found some bee related products, and you might see something else that you like!


Love SVG


bee svg cut files for cricut


Love SVG is well known for their huge range of totally free SVGs.


Just search bee and you will bring up a tons of awesome honey bee and bumble bee SVG files. You will probably also notice that a bunch of beer SVGs come up as well… I had this happening all the time… it should be honey mead at least, right?!


*Find the SVG in the featured image here on LoveSVG.




dafont free bumblebee font


DaFont has a huge collection of free fonts, including a number of bumble bee fonts and honey bee fonts!


To be honest, they are not as nice as many (or most) of the paid bee fonts available on the sites above, but as there are always new additions, you might find the right one for your needs.


Caluya Design


bumble bee svg free
free bee dragonfly svg


Caluya Designs is a great site to search for intricate Bee SVG cut files for Cricut & Silhouette.


You can click through the images above to get those particular FREEBIES, or just search the whole collection – there are a few more really nice files that would be great for t-shirts, mugs, or even wall decals!


Best Bee Font & Bee SVG Files


Those are all the sites I have right now, but I think those are the best ones to start with for a ton of bee files!


You will also find bee clipart, animations, and all sorts on those sites.


I hope you found what you are looking for, and would love to hear if you know of any other great sites for free Bee SVGs. Where did you find the best bumblebee SVG, for example?


Check out this post for other free animal SVGs!



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