The Best Rabbit Travel Cage – Safe Rabbit Travel Cages For Your Bunny

Needing a rabbit travel cage for your next big adventure with bunny?


Whether you are going to the vet, a rabbit show, shifting house, or your friend is baby-sitting your bunny while you’re away, you need a safe travel cage to get them from A to B. In this post we’ve got a list of the best rabbit travel cages for doing just that.


Let’s check them out.


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The Best Rabbit Travel Cages


What to look for in a rabbit travel cage:

  • Easy to get the animal in and out
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • Secure and impossible for the animal to break out
  • Sturdy and strong – unable to be easily cracked or broken
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Ventilation for animal breathing


With those criteria in mind here are the top recommended rabbit travel cages.


1. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel


best rabbit travel cage pet carrier

This AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel is our top pick for transporting rabbits. This cage has a ton of great features at a very fair price. It is a very cheap rabbit carrier! It measures 19L x 12W x 10H inches for the smaller option, and 23L x 15W x 13H for the larger.


Here are the reasons we believe this is the best rabbit cage:

  • This cage has very good access. It has the front door which is great for putting a rabbit into, and it has access through the top which is great for getting a rabbit out. These two doors make this a very convenient rabbit cage.
  • It can also be separated in half. The two parts can be secured with the latches, making them easy to undo and re-latch. The cage also comes with screws to connect the two halves more securely.
  • The cage is very easy to clean, because it can be taken apart into two pieces. This allows for total access for cleaning the travel cage. The hard plastic is easily wiped down and sanitized.
  • The AmazonBasics Travel Cage is very secure when it is all locked up. It has a spring loaded door latch for quick closing. All the doors and openings can be securely fastened.
  • This is a strong and durable cage that should last you many years. The front door is made of strong steel wire. It will not fall apart on you while you are transporting your bunny.
  • This cage has a handle on top making it very easy to carry.
  • And finally, this rabbit cage has excellent ventilation on both sides and the front. Your bunny will be breathing sweet and easy.


You can also use this cage for other small animals including cats, small dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.


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2. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Pet Carrier – Collapsable Pet Travel Kennel for Cats, Small Dogs & Rabbits


best rabbit travel cage for bunnies

The Pet Magasin Hard Cover Rabbit Carrier is in second place for best rabbit travel cage. As you can see, this is a soft case for bunnies (though it is still made from a tough material). This case measures 17L x 13H x 14W and is suitable for most rabbit breeds.


Other benefits of this bunny travel cage are:

  • The surface of the floor is not a hard plastic, and is therefore not as slippery as our previous recommendation. Your pet is able to grip to the padded bottom far easier.
  • The top and base of the carrier is hard and durable.
  • Easy to store as the sides fold down and the whole thing reduces in size.
  • Well ventilated and breathable for your rabbit.
  • Zips securely shut.

However, a case like this is not as easy to clean, especially if your pet decides to go toilet inside. It’s certainly more comfortable than a hard plastic cage, but not as practical when it comes to cleaning.


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3. Hagen Living World Pet Carrier

best rabbit travel cage bunny carrierThe Hagen Living World Pet Carrier is our next pick for best small rabbit carrier. It is another hard body travel cage at an extremely low price. This cage comes in two sizes – both which are very small and not suitable for all rabbits, only very small breeds.

  • Small – 9 x 6.8 x 6.1 inches (too small for cats, only suitable for very small rabbits or guinea pigs)
  • Large – 11.8 x 9 x 8.3 inches (again, best only for small rabbits for a short amount of time)


Other features include:

  • Simple construction, single door & clear roof
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to separate into two parts for cleaning
  • Easy to carry handle on top of the cage


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What Is The Best Bunny Travel Cage?


In summary, we recommend the AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel as the best hard shell rabbit travel carrier. It’s a very cheap rabbit travel cage, easy to clean, and easy to get your animal in and out of. It can’t be beaten on features and price.


We recommend the Pet Magasin Hard Cover Rabbit Carrier as the best soft rabbit travel cage. It is still hard on the top and bottom, making it strong and secure, but made from a softer material than hard plastic. It is a more comfortable rabbit carrier, but its downside is in being slightly harder to clean.


We hope this has helped you to choose the best rabbit carrier for your needs – let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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