How Many Nipples Do Cats Have? The Answer Will Surprise You!

How many nipples do cats have?


Whether you are wondering if your cat is going to have enough spots for all the kittens, or you feel like your cat has one or two too many, or it’s just a burning question you have to know the answer to, here’s the answer!


How Many Nipples Does A Cat Have?


how many nipples do cats have


So let’s get on with it and give you the answer you’re looking for: how many nipples does a cat have?


Unlike us humans, who more often than not have 2 nipples (for all those who were unaware), cats can differ on the number of nipples they have. Female cats, also known as Mollys or Queens, most often have 8 nipples. However, they can have as few as 6 or as many as 10.


Given that a cat will give birth to from 1 to 10 kittens in a litter (though usually around 5) this number of cat nipples is just right. No one is going to be missing out, and in small cat litters the kittens can hop around a bit!


Male Cat Nipples


How many nipples do male cats have?


As with all mammals, male cats also have nipples. They also have about the same number of nipples as females, but as with human males, they cannot lactate and produce milk.


Male cat nipples are also a lot harder to find as they are a lot smaller and much less distinct.


Pregnant Cat Nipples Vs Non-Pregnant



Do a cat’s nipples change when pregnant?


Yes, they do!


The gestation period for a cat is from 63 to 69 days. On or around day 36, you may notice your cat’s nipples begin to become larger and pinker. The further on your cat goes in her pregnancy, the more her nipples will change and ready themselves for feeding.


She will be putting on weight as the kittens grow, but this will also be the result of milk production in the later stages of her gestation.


Cat Nipples


A cat’s nipples run down either side of her stomach and are especially obvious when pregnant.


The nipples will usually be in equal numbers opposite each other down the length of the tummy, but with cat nipples, anything can happen really. You don’t need to be concerned if your cat appears to have an uneven number of nipples, or if they don’t match up exactly!


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