The Best Fish Tank Vacuum – How To Siphon & Clean Fish Tank Gravel

If you haven’t used a fish tank vacuum before, you’re in for a treat – at least, I really like using them!


Fish tank gravel vacuums are amazingly effective at getting fish poo, uneaten food, and other waste, out of the gravel at the bottom of your tank. I remember my dad had to teach me how to use it the first time, because there is a bit of a trick to getting the vacuum (or siphon) action started.


best fish tank vacuum


The Best Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner


We’ll take a look at 3 of the best fish tank vacuums that you can use to empty water from the tank, and clean the gravel. One can even send new water back to your tank!


Remember to switch off the electrics before you start doing a water change and clean. This includes pumps, filters and heaters. These generally need to be submerged while they are on and can be damaged if the water level drops too low.


TERA PUMP Aquarium Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Sand Cleaner


cheap fish tank vacuum gravel cleaner


The TERA PUMP fish tank gravel cleaner is one of the best sellers. It has over 1500 reviews and a very good star rating. This pump is popular for good reason – it has some amazing features which I’ll list below. Take a look at this video first and I’m sure you’ll be convinced!



Why does everybody love this fish tank vacuum?

  • It has a unique filter that prevents stones, snails and fish from being sucked up and out
  • It has a hand pump (what they call an ‘operation bulb’) to get the siphon started
  • A flow control device for slowing down the release of water
  • A short nozzle for simply draining the tank, or a long nozzle for cleaning gravel
  • It’s so easy to use (unlike the siphon I first started with!)
  • An amazing price for what you’re getting


The total length of this siphon is 64 inches. It can transfer 1.5 gallons of water per minute, which can be slowed down if necessary. It is made from polyethylene, PVC and EVA, all of which are BPA free, and safe for pets.


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Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System


long fish tank vacuum best gravel cleaner

The Python Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is a large fish tank vacuum that comes in a range of lengths. You can buy this hose at 25 or 50 foot lengths. This is a high quality, American made gravel cleaner that is excellent for large aquariums.


Watch the following video to see how this great siphon works.



As you will have seen in the video, this siphon comes with a standard 10 inch gravel tube. Longer gravel tubes can be purchased separately. These include the following sizes:


What do people love about this fish tank siphon?

  • No longer need to transport buckets of water around the house
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Effective at removing great amounts of dirt from gravel
  • Durable plastic tubing
  • Replace water and clean fish tank quickly
  • Adapts to most US faucets (if your taps do not have a thread you will need this faucet thread adapter)


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Python Fish Tank Gravel Vacuum and Siphon Kit for Aquarium


python fish tank vacuum aquarium gravel cleaner

The smaller Python fish tank vacuum is a siphon that does not connect to your taps, but works like a regular fish tank vacuum. You can be sure that you are getting a high quality, American made product.


The Python is available in a number of sizes, and can be complemented by the Python Squeeze Siphon Starter (if not already included):


But it would be best to get the large Python that connects to your taps (listed above) if you have a large tank. It just takes too much time using buckets!


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