Chi Dog Review: What Is Chinese Medicine For Dogs?

What is Chi Dog dog food all about?


Chi Dog makes real food for dogs that is balanced and therapeutic. They use quality human-grade foods to build meals that are both healing and satisfying to dogs.


Their motto: ‘Food is the first medicine’.


Chi Dog


chi dog food review

Chi Dog believes in providing our dogs with ‘clean food’. That is food that is unprocessed, with no preservatives (though supplemented with Vitamin E), and which has been lightly cooked.


They use whole foods, all of which you will be able to see in your dog’s meal. There are no ultra-processed products as are commonly found in supermarket dog rolls and canned food.


While the raw dog food diet has become popular in recent times, Eastern Medicine does find benefits to cooking this food, believing that lightly cooked food is more gentle on the body.


Chi Dog has a range of interesting meals on the dog menu:

  • Wood Diet – with chicken, eggs, brown rice, eggplant, and more
  • Fire Diet – with turkey, millet, broccoli, and more
  • Earth Diet – with eggs, tofu, sweet potato, spinach, and more
  • Metal Diet – with beef, white potato, peas, mushrooms, and more
  • Water Diet – with Pork, barley, peas, watercress, and more


chinese medicine for dogs


You can find out more about the menu here.


All of these diets are designed to meet certain imbalances in a dog’s diet and life. Whether they are suffering from certain diseases like heart disease or diabetes, or other issues such as constipation or obesity, specific Chi Dog diets may help your pet.


Chinese Medicine For Dogs



What is Chinese medicine for dogs?


Chi or Qi is a Chinese principle of health. As related to food therapy for dogs, there is an emphasis on a healthy balanced diet. There is the belief that good food is the best medicine and that the specific healing properties of different types of food can be used for dogs as well.


Chi Dog dog food has been completely crafted by 3 practicing veterinarians, at least one of whom, Dr. Susan Bohrer, is a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist. She has also taken courses in Chinese Medicine Food Therapy and is imminently qualified to be building these balanced meals for our beloved pets!


Chi Dog Products



You can get an idea of what goes into a Chi Dog dog meal by watching the video above.


It’s very easy to make it yourself if you have the time and energy! But if you want it delivered to your door, hassle-free, and with all the hard work done, make sure you visit Chi Dog and see all that they have to offer.


This food is frozen for delivery and ought to be fully thawed before use. They can be stored in your freezer and then must be used within 7 days of being defrosted.


Try out this great dog food delivery service today!



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