Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? What About Shrimp Tails?

Can dogs eat shrimp?


If you have a few leftover shrimp from dinner that you’d like to feed your dog, then yes, go ahead.  Dogs can safely eat both cooked and uncooked shrimp and shrimp tails.


For those who want all the details, there’s plenty more to learn below!


Can Dogs Have Shrimp?


can dogs eat shrimp


Shrimp is healthy nutritional food for both dogs and humans.


It is a source of phosphorus and vitamin B12 and contains some calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and choline.


It’s unlikely you’re going to be feeding your dog whole meals of shrimp unless you live in an area where you catch a lot! Most people are asking this question simply because it’s what they’ve been eating and they want to know if they can share some with their pup.


Some brands of shrimp are less-good for dogs. For example, some have additives such as sulfites while are best not to feed dogs. However, one or two isn’t going to hurt them!


The Best Way To Cook Shrimp For Dogs



The best method of cooking shrimp for dogs is to boil them.


Deep-fried shrimp are no good because of all the extra oil, and while pan-fried is a little bit better, it can still be rather oily. Dogs will readily eat it all up whatever way it’s cooked, of course, but if you want to keep their best health in mind then the less oil the better!


You may not want to feed shrimp to your dogs if you have cooked it alongside other products that are not suitable for dogs. If your prawns have been part of a super spicey Thai red curry, perhaps don’t give the dog any!


Dog Food With Shrimp


If you’ve heard about the benefits of feeding shrimp to dogs then you might want to start buying some dog food or treats with shrimp. There are plenty of options out there, just take a look at these products!


is shrimp bad for dogsAmazon stock Northwest Naturals Shrimp Raw Rewards.

This is a freeze-dried product that is grain and gluten-free, all-natural, and additive-free. Good for dogs with food sensitivities!


is shrimp bad for dogs

Petco stock a range of dog foods with shrimp, including Under The Sun Salmon & Shrimp wet dog food.

This is a grain and potato-free product sold in single-serve cups. Best for small dog breeds!



is shrimp safe for dogsThe Icelandic Brand of dog treats stock a range of dog food with shrimp.

This particular product is 100% mini shrimp prawns all the way from Iceland. They are naturally full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Also available on


One other product worth mentioning is Darwin’s Pet Kidney Support Formula. This is part of their Intelligent Design series of dog foods and contains shrimp for its Chitosan. Chitosan is an all-natural substance that helps the body manage phosphorus levels.


Is Shrimp Bad For Dogs?


So, is shrimp bad for dogs?


No, your dog will be fine eating shrimp. Use common sense to decide when not to feed dogs shrimp, and always monitor your dog while it’s eating, whatever it’s eating.


If you’re wanting an all-in-one solution for feeding your dog. we recommend Pet Plate.


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