Black Friday Pet Sales 2018 | Deals For Cats, Fish, Rabbits, Dogs & More

Black Friday pet deals: it’s the best time to buy up large for your pets!


There are the things we need for our pets:

  • pet bed deals
  • pet food deals
  • aquariums, hutches, cages
  • pet health products


And then there are the things we don’t need, but we know we want… and anyway it’s Christmas!

  • cheap pet toys
  • pet treat deals
  • aquarium ornaments


Check out these great Early Black Friday Pet Deals on Amazon. There is plenty on offer already!


Black Friday Deals For Pets & Pet Lovers


black friday pet deals


We’ll list the deals under separate categories in the following order. Black Friday deals for:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • rabbits
  • fish and aquariums
  • turtles
  • other small animals (mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc!)


Black Friday Deals For Cats


black friday deals for cats


Great Black Friday cat product discounts from Amazon are being released! Here are a few top items that have been dramatically reduced in price:


This self-cleaning cat litter box.




This automatic cat and dog feeder.



An automatic laser tail game for cats!


And there are tons more pet deals listed here. Expect deals on cat beds (hopefully heated cat beds for winter!), treats, grooming supplies, toys and towers!


Black Friday Dog Deals


black friday dog deals


There are always a ton of Amazon dog deals on Black Friday. It’s a great time to pick up cheap dog kennels, beds, dog food, toys, health products, and so much more.


Dog waste bags and dispenser – stock up now while they’re cheap!


 Elevated cooling pet beds – available in a wide range of sizes


 Squeaky vegetable dog toys – a cute 5 pack for your pup to destroy!




Black Friday Deals For Rabbits


black friday rabbit deals


Want to spoil your bunny for Christmas? These Black Friday rabbit deals on Amazon have got you covered! I know my rabbit loves getting treats, but it’s also a good idea to grab some of that stuff your going to need anyway: hay, mats, and chew toys, for example.


This metal play pen is reduced for Black Friday – great for rabbits and many other small animals (I use one for my mini-rex rabbit).


The price reduction on this rabbit/gerbal/hamster toy is insane! Get one for everyone you know with a bunny.



Black Friday Aquarium & Fish Deals


black friday fish and aquarium deals


As a keeper of aquarium fish, I know there are plenty of ongoing expenses involved with these pets. These fish deals for Black Friday allow us to reduce these expenses significantly.


This aqua-garden fish tank set up is great – though you need to supply the 10 Gallon tank for it as well.




A Black Friday aquarium plant set – get your tank looking lovely and green!




A super cool air bubble light! Create an awesome atmosphere in your living area.




Black Friday Turtle Deals


black friday deals for cats


Black Friday deals for turtlesWhether it’s a new turtle tank, basking platform, filter, heater, food or anything else – we’ll have it listed here as the deals start coming!


Black Friday Deals For Birds


black friday bird and aviary deals


For all you bird lovers, this is the week to pick up these Black Friday bird & aviary deals. Cages, carriers, birdseed and food, cage toys and everything else.


Black Friday Small Animal Deals


black friday chinchilla sales


Least we forget anyone’s most loved type of animal, we’ll list all the Black Friday deals for small animals in this section.


This will include Black Friday pet discounts for:

  • rats & mice
  • hamsters & gerbils
  • guinea pigs & ferrets
  • chinchilla & degu


Black Friday Pet Sales


We’re looking forward to this crazy shopping time of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and hope to see you here!


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