9 Cat Climbing Wall Benefits & Ideas!

A cat climbing wall… should you get one?

Many of us who have cats can really go a bit nutty over their care and well being. We want to give our cats the coolest toys, don’t we?!

I think most cat lovers when they discover cat climbing walls are a thing, are like, ‘how can I bring this into my home… now!’ Here’s what you need to know!

Cat Climbing Wall Systems

Climbing walls for cats are generally steps or polls fastened to any wall that can take the cat up to the ceiling height and which doesn’t take much space in the house. They are an alternative to a cat tree or can be used in conjunction with them.

You might be prompted by your cat to get a climbing system in place… Maybe your puss is climbing curtains, leaving claw holes in the fabric, or continously jumping on the kitchen cabinets, or to the top of the refrigerator.

Usually, cats are fantastic with their feet and can avoid knocking anything off along the way. But things do get broken! Cats love being up high and so we can respect this desire by getting them cat wall shelves and other solutions.

The Need to Scratch

Cats love to scratch fabric on chairs and couches. Nothing I found would stop our cat from scratching. She especially scratches the door when she wanted outside if I don’t get to the door fast enough- something we’re all familiar with!

The point is, the more positive things around a home that a cat can scratch the better. Cat climbing walls and poles are a great solution – they might even stop your cat biting your nose!

The Higher the Better

cat wall furniture

Cats prefer to be on top of everything. Give them away to reach a higher plateau and they will occupy the space. If they are a dominant cat they will get the top loft and no other cat will use it.

While up high cats are able to survey the world around them. It is their need to be safe, to have some control over the situation.

best cat climbing wall

Up high they are able to see things below them. That gets them a safe advantage. They can pounce. They can escape. They have control.

Etsy has many different cat steps and lofts.

Steps go right up to the top of the wall and they can have fun up high. There are bridges up high with steps on either side. All types of steps go independently up the wall.

Ladders and poles attached to the wall take them up. A walkway along the top of the wall can take a cat from one step to another and they can have a bit of fun running along the top!

best cat wall poles

Sisal rope winds around wood to allow a cat to scratch to heart’s content.

Usually, the pole has a platform on the top for sleep and relaxation. Also, there are a number of cat trees of many different combinations, some with multiple pads at different heights, small three-sided houses that provide the cat with privacy, and hammocks.

Cats need to relax and de-stress. They need to play. They need to get up on the sleeping pad and get comfortable – especially if there are dogs in the house!

The Best Cat Climbing Wall

best cat wall shelves

It is best to get a good, well-built unit, and we recommend the highly-rated products on Etsy.

Cats are strong and could tear the unit apart quickly if they aren’t constructed to last. They must also be easily anchored to the wall, and not be as such that they will tip over.

Cats jump and leap from place to place, so you want to know they aren’t going to be found hanging in the air. However, as long as they’ve still got some of those 9 lives, they’ll be alright!

It’s good to get the cats out of the way. You don’t want cat equipment or cats taking over your house – climbing walls are a great answer to that requirement.

DIY Cat Climbing Furniture

A cat climbing wall allows your pussy to do its natural cat behavior.

Cats in the wild climb trees and keep watch from a highpoint. It gives them pride, lessens their stress, makes them playful, and counters their worst behavior (scratching)!

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